Sunday, April 17, 2011


We had a very smooth and quick trip up from California to Washington. We took I5 all the way up. We finally got away by 10AM our first day after the 10th last thing finally got taken care of. We hugged my mom tight and set out for a day of flat land driving.

We spent a short night in Redding and got out the door at 5AM eager to reach our new home that afternoon. By the time the sun rose we found ourselves in the mountains surrounded by snow and icy roads.

By the time we got into the Seattle area (3pm-ish) there was no more snow, just light rain. We began to get really excited as we came into familiar territory. We headed down SR900 aka Sunset Blvd, the road our house is just off of, and then we turned onto our little private gravel road 162nd ave SE and pulled into our driveway.

As we parked the car in front of a quirky parking sign Nate and his dad had put up years ago*, we stepped out and the sun broke through the clouds. The dogs were thrilled to get out of the car once and for all no matter the weather.

*note that the house we get to live in is the David's old house that he now rents out and the house that Nate grew up in

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